Joe & Angela Gherardi and the

Sailing Vessel AMAROK 


Joe and Angela started Amarok Sailing Charters in 1981 with sailings from Miami to the Florida Keys.  They acquired a Foreign Charterboat license in 1990 as soon as Bahamian law changed.  They were able to base themselves in Nassau, Bahamas in February, 1992.  Both Joe and Angela hold United States Coast Guard Masters licenses for carrying passengers for hire.  Joe also has a Bahamian Masters license to carry passengers for hire.  Joe is a skilled skin diver and spear fisherman, supplying Angela with the seafood used to prepare her delicious meals.  Angela has published "Good 'Tings From Da Galley", a compilation of recipes from their sailboat AMAROK.  They have been featured on TV's "Awesome Adventures".  They have also been featured in Self-Employed America's monthly magazine.  



Joe and Angela sailing aboard the Amarok 

 Joe and Angela at Northwest Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park August, 2013

Joe and Angela spend hurricane season earth sheltered home they built themselves in Colorado.  They have made it their goal to climb as many of Colorado's 54 14,000 foot peaks as they can. 


Address:  260 Adams Place, Fort Garland, CO  81133

Phone:      719-992-1388 U.S.   /    242-477-4471 Bahamas (Dec.-May)


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